Project CARBONCHECK: extra virgin organic olive oil Canino DOP enhancement through the study of the CO2 flux on the olive grove ecosystem.


The CARBONCHECK system has been realized thanks to the measure 124 of the RDP of the Lazio Region by Frantoio Gentili srl (Farnese, VT) in collaboration with Terrasystem and Tuscia University - DIBAF.  The project's objectives were:

  • To develop a system for calculating, monitoring and communication of the impact of the production of olive oil in terms of greenhouse gas emissions (carbon footprint)
  • To assess the kind of attitude and the level of consumer interest in the Alta Tuscia olive oils produced through an environmentally friendly process in terms of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Test the ability to directly measure in the field the carbon dioxide exchanges in an olive grove dedicated to the production of oil In the realization of the project, Terrasystem took care of the part acquisition / data processing with eddy covariance technique and IT communication platform. Carboncheck is present in the catalog of the innovations of the Lazio Region.

    CARBONCHECK project flyer (IT)

    Link to catalog of the innovations of the Lazio Region