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DSS SEMIA for the monitoring of plant diseases in olive growing.
06.07.2018   Terrasystem has developed and implemented a network of 15 IoT agro-meteo stations and a DSS aimed at monitoring plant diseases in olive growing in the Province of Grosseto, as part of the "SEMIA" Cooperation Project funded by the Tuscany Rural Development Plan 2014 / 2020, Measure 16.2. Description of the project, the DSS and access to the portal:
Variable dose fertilizer Tecnovict Claudio Pontremolesi with Terrasystem vigor maps.
23.04.2018  Variable dose fertilizer for Precision viticulture CLAUDIO PONTREMOLESI. A simple and performing machine dedicated to an unforgettable friend. At the farm Conte Carlo Giorgi of Vistarino. Maps of the vigor by Terrasystem. Link
Terrasystem at the FabSpace 2.0 Open Day
23.03.2017   Terrasystem will be at the FabSpace 2.0 Open Day event (Rome, 28/02/2017), with a Claudio Belli's speech: "Use of satellite data in agricolture: the experience of Terrasystem". FabSpace 2.0 is a project financed by the Horizon 2020 European programme with the aim of creating new business opportunities through the access to satellite data and georeferenced information. Event page
Framework agreement of collaboration and technical support between UNAPROA and TERRASYSTEM.
31.01.2017   TERRASYSTEM and UNAPROA signed a framework agreement for joint collaboration in the design, development and promotion of innovative solutions and systems in the areas of environmental monitoring - DSS, precision agriculture, geographical and environmental traceability (carbon and water footprint) of the production, co-funded projects, training/information programs.
Project of exploitation of the Canino DOP extra virgin organic olive oil through the study of the CO2 flux in the olive grove ecosystem.
31.01.2017   With this project, made with the RDP - Measure 124 tender of the Lazio Region, have been developed methodologies for estimating carbon footprint and product traceability and communication/marketing tools based on QR-CODE and the Internet, applicable to the olive industry, available in the web platform This system has been inserted into the catalogue of innovations of the Lazio Region. Details of the project in the works gallery.
Project CARBONCHECK: extra virgin organic olive oil Canino DOP enhancement through the study of the CO2 flux on the olive grove ecosystem .
31.01.2017  The CARBONCHECK system, made possible thanks to the Measure 124 notice of the RDP of the Lazio Region, was recently included in the regional catalog of the innovations.
More details - Link to the catalog of the innovations.
Application of the Sentinel satellite data in precision viticulture
11.11.2016  Terrasystem and Avignonesi have signed a collaboration agreement for a task of applied-research aimed at the evaluation of the use of new Sentinel2 satellite images in the monitoring of the vineyard, in particular the aspects related to the maturation of the grapes and the differentiated harvest.
New paper: "How the uptake of biogas can minimize greenhouse gas emissions from landfills"
26.10.2016  The paper, published on Recover Magazine n. 36, is the outcome of the work carried out in the project EDDYAPP (POR FESR Lazio 2007/2013 - Co-Research) on the use of Eddy covariance technology for the measurement of greenhouse gas flows in ecosystems and in the urban environment and landfills. Link to the paper (italian).
Mapping of the tomato for industry
20.10.2016  Terrasystem, for the 4th year in a row, processed the map of the tomato crops of central and southern Italy for Anicav (ToMap project), using satellite and aerial remote sensing data. For the 2016 mapping a new processing methodology has been developed, based on new multispectral satellite Sentinel 2 of the ESA. Details in the gallery.
"Aprilia as Smart City" project
4.10.2016   Project "Aprilia as Smart City - new technologies for urban environmental monitoring" published in the gallery. Since December 2015 the system maintenance phase is in progress . Gallery page - Project sheet (italian).
Precision wine growing: the testimony of our client Tenuta Ornellaia on Nova Agricoltura.
31.03.2016  Link to the article.
Interview with Claudio Belli on Agronotizie: "Know your vineyard potential and results of Terrasystem"
11.02.2016  The interview video is on Youtube. Link.
Conference "More efficient agronomic management with the precision farming: practical examples in Italy" - Verona 4 February 2016
03.02.2016  Terrasystem attend the conference sponsored by Informatore Agrario with a speech about "Experience in the field". Link.
Terrasystem at Enovitis - Fieragricola (Veronafiere 3-6 February 2016)
03.02.2016  Terrasystem attend the Enovitis workshops with a speech entitled: "Vitimap and Vitigis: advanced solutions for the monitoring and management of the vineyards" to be held on February 4 at 11 am. Program of the workshops.
Terrasystem at the ANICAV's meeting "Il filo rosso del pomodoro" 2015
25.11.2015  Terrasystem will attend the conference to be held in Foggia on 2 December with a speech entitled: "The mapping of hectares of industrial tomato in the center southern Italy - The Remote Sensing". Flyer of the conference.
10.10.2015  With the campaign VITIMAP 2015 Terrasystem has created maps for precision viticulture for Avignonesi, Frescobaldi, Ornellaia and the University of Salerno.
"Aprilia Smart City" project
30.09.2015  In the Urban Center portal of the "Aprilia Smart City" Project, the web section with data on air quality, meteorological variables and heat island was published. The data are acquired in real time by the network of sensors made by Terrasystem. Link to the site.
Eddy Covariance technique applied to the study of mountain environments
05.05.2015  Terrasystem is working on the project Next Data by monitoring the flow of greenhouse gases with Eddy Covariance technique at the experimental alpine site Malga Arpaco (Tn).
Terrasystem at EXPO 2015
05.05.2015  On July 22 2015 Terrasystem will participate in a day dedicated to precision farming organized by the CNR, with a speech entitled: "Monitoring Technologies at the service of precision farming". More information at
Mapping of the tomato for industry
29.04.2015  Terrasystem, for the third year in a row, will process the map of the tomato crops of central and southern Italy commissioned by Anicav (ToMap project), using satellite and aerial remote sensing data.
3D maps by drone
20.04.2015  Terrasystem is participating in a study on the applicability of 3D mapping technologies from drone for assessing flood areas, carried out in collaboration with DIBAF of the University of Tuscia and the University La Sapienza of Rome. Images.