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Terrasystem exclusively uses electricity from renewable sources
Spin-Off Company of the University of Tuscia
Via Pacinotti, 5 - 01100 Viterbo (Italy)
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New telephone number.
20.01.2023   The new telephone number of Terrasystem is 0761 1571532.
Terrasystem is the main sponsor of the event "Il filo rosso del pomodoro 2022" organized by ANICAV.
13.10.2022 & nbsp; & nbsp; To complete the tenth ToMAP campaign (2013 - 2022) to map the surfaces and the evolution of the harvesting of industrial tomatoes for central-southern Italy, which for the first time also involved the production area of ??northern Italy, Terrasystem will participate as main sponsor at the event "The red thread of the tomato, competitive strategies in support of a record-breaking supply chain" organized by ANICAV. The event will be held on October 26 at the Parma Fair in conjunction with the Cibus Tec Forum exhibition-conference. Further information on
Terrasystem partner of the HYPERECOS project funded by the Italian Space Agency (ASI).
25.05.2022 & nbsp; & nbsp; The Kick-off meeting of the HYPERECOS project - "Hyperspectral PRISMA data for ECOSYSTEMS FUNCTIONS, HABITATS and DIVERSITY characterization" funded by ASI within the PRISMA Scienza program was held on 13/05/22. The two-year project aims to develop, through the use of hyperspectral data of the new satellite probe PRISMA, developed by ASI, new algorithms for mapping and monitoring ecosystem functions, Habitats and their Biodiversity. The partnership with DIBAF of the University of Viterbo as leader and in which Terrasystem participates, is made up of several national and foreign research centers of excellence, specialized on the subject of remote sensing applied to environmental monitoring, such as: EURAC Research, CREA and Trier University.
Terrasystem partner of the C-FARMs - Carbon Farming Certification System project.
31.01.2022   Terrasystem is a partner of the C-FARMs - Carbon Farming Certification System project, funded by the European Commission under the LIFE program, which aims to promote Carbon Farming practices in agriculture through an improved knowledge system and a proposal for a regulatory framework for the carbon removals certification based on solid and transparent carbon accounting in connection with the national greenhouse gas inventory. Project details.
International Forum "The commitment of the Lazio Region in the ecological transition: mitigation and adaptation for climate change on a local scale".
11.01.2022   On January 14, Terrasystem will be present at the international Forum in question which will take place at 4.30 pm (Dubai time) - 1.30 pm (Italian time) at the Italian Pavilion at Expo 2020 in Dubai. The event program is available on the page Live streaming on the Lazio Innova facebook page and on:
LIFE SAMFIX project national conference.
14.10.2021     At the event to be held on 5/11/2021 in Cisterna di Latina, Terrasystem, as head of IT activities in the LIFE project "SAMFIX - SAving Mediterranean Forests from Invasions of Xylosandrus beetles and associated pathogenic fungi", will illustrate the App of citizen science "Samfix Agent", the web application "Samfix platform" and the "X-traps".   Event flyer
Terrasystem in PARADISE project (Precision fARming for sustAinable proDuctIon in Suburban arEas).
30.11.2020   Terrasystem is a partner of the PARADISE (Precision fARming for sustAinable proDuctIon in Suburban areas) project co-financed by the Lazio Region (2020 - 2022) which involves 2 Research Bodies and 4 SMEs and within which Terrasystem will work on the IoT component, of remote sensing and modeling. Project details
Terrasystem at the ANICAV event "Il filo rosso del pomodoro".
16.11.2020   After carrying out also this year the campaign for mapping the surfaces and the evolution of the harvesting of industrial tomatoes for central-southern Italy (ToMAP 2020), Terrasystem will participate in the event "The red thread of the tomato. The value of data. Scenarios from the world of canning" organized by ANICAV, to be held on December 3 on the Zoom platform. Flyer dell'evento
Terrasystem in the PON FI.LE project for the tomato for industry.
01.12.2019   As part of the "PON Sicurezza FI.LE" project, carried out by BMTI Italia as lead partner, Terrasystem won the tender for activities of remote sensing applied to agri-environmental monitoring and mapping of the cultivation of industrial tomato in the province of Foggia for the two-year period 2020-2021, in which it will take care of the development of the TOMAP 2.0 information system, where the following will be implemented:
  • cultivation maps and periodic harvesting maps of industrial tomato
  • database with harvest data, cultivation turnover, preferential road access to crops, worker flows
  • models for the annual estimate of: maturation, harvest date, production yield.
Terrasystem in the Life SAMFIX project.
09.03.2019   Terrasystem is a partner of the LIFE17 NAT / IT / 000609 project "SAMFIX - SAving Mediterranean Forests from Invasions of Xylosandrus beetles and associated pathogenic fungi" 2018-2021, in which it is responsible for IT activities, taking care of the development of IT platform, webgis, a cityzen science app, and the study of monitoring indicators of phytophagous attacks through geomatics and remote sensing techniques. Link to the official website of the project.
Project H2020 Pantheon - precision agriculture for the hazelnut.
01.02.2019   As part of the H2020 Pantheon project, promoted by a consortium of academic and industrial partners, including Roma Tre University and Ferrero, which has as its aim the experimentation of precision agriculture techniques and robotic technologies applicable to the cultivation of the hazelnut, Terrasystem is creating on the project test sites an IoT network for agro-meteorological and soil monitoring based on innovative LoRa and RoS communication protocols. Pantheon project site
SOS WINE project - decision support system for viticulture.
10.12.2018   Terrasystem has concluded its activity in the SOS WINE - PIF / PSR project of the Tuscany region, implementing an innovative IoT-type agro-weather monitoring network and a web oriented IT platform for the area of the "Morellino of Scansano", supporting the monitoring of the plant diseases and the viticultural variability of qualitative and quantitative parameters. Link: The SOS WINE project