Aerial data capture

Aerial platforms

  • Sky Arrow 650 TC/TCNS
    Light aircraft, alternatively equipped with DFR, FLIR or ASPIS systems
  • Piper PA-34 Seneca II
    P68 Observer Vulcanair
    Light twin-motors, they can house at the same time the DFR (with FLIR) and ASPIS systems
TERRASYSTEM acquires, by remote sensing aerial platform:

The use of a light and versatile aerial platform, provides survey at the regional scale in very high resolution, which can be used in the monitoring and management of environmental resources.

TERRASYSTEM directly looks after all the stages of data production, from the planning and execution of the flight until the distribution of the product, ready for use.

The pre-processing of the images is achieved through specific software which can perform:

View and download some sample products

TERRASYSTEM, beyond the simple acquisition / pre-processing service, provides packages of integrated services that include further processing of the data to various levels, to support specific applications (follow the links for more details):