easytomap is a comprehensive offer of on-demand services for thematic mapping of the territory, based on aerial remote sensing.

Flexible, cost effective and shaped to fit the real needs of the customer, easytomap is an operational tool at the disposal of local government to support, through geospatial information, the analysis of territorial dynamics, the management of environ mental and security emergencies and the detection of illegal activities.

easytomap is an ideal tool for:

easytomap offers customised solutions and provides "ready to use" products, delivered in real time through the internet.

TERRASYSTEM acquires the aerial data with its own systems at low cost, thanks to a light weight and flexible platform, taking care of both the pre-processing and the further processing of the data into thematic maps. The acquisition systems include true colour, thermal and multispectral sensors.

All the data produced complies to the technical specifications for the digital orthophotos for thema tic mapping at a nominal scale of 1:10,000 contained in the document of the committee for the standards of the spatial data of the Public Administration (July 2009).