MFP system

This system provides high frequency measurements of wind and atmospherial turbolence in the 3 dimensions, measurements of fluxes of mass and energy between the earth surface and atmosphere, as well as atmospheric studies.

This system has been developed in collaborations with Italian (Ibimet CNR) and American (NOAA-ATDD) Research Institutes and makes use of technology planned by Tim Crawford (NOAA) in the 90's. The version developed at present by TERRASYSTEM is based on miniaturized electronic components of the last generation.

MFP systems developed by TERRASYSTEM has been installed on SkyArrow aircrafts of international Research Institutes as Alterra (Netherlands) and Istituto Agua e Aria (Argentina).

Pressure sphere
This hemispherical probe with 9 calibrated holes used for measuring static and dynamic pressures by pressure trasducers. It is installed on the front of the aircraft. The tridimensional components of the wind (horizontal U and V and vertical W) are measured as differentials of pressures, and corrected afterwards for the 3D speed and the flight attitude angles (roll, pitching and heading) using a combination of high frequency GPS signals and arrays of three-axis accelerometers. An ultra-fast response temperature probe (0.02 sec) is installed on top of the semisphere.


Remote high frequency analog/digital converters
Developed specifically for this kind of application, thay can be positioned in proximity to the trasducers/sensors, minimizing the analog signals paths for a better quality of the measurements. They employ USB technology to have high frame rates in the data transferring.

PCs are optimized and configured in accordance with the needs of the application, and are equipped with all the necessary expansion cards.

Sensors interface box, management of power supply, containing electric protections.


The software for acquisition was developed in C language in open source environment and the development was coordinated and carried out by Ed Dumas (NOAA/ATDD,

GPS sensors
The present configuration integrates GPS and INS:
- Novatel OEM4 GPS (3D position and speed )
- Systron Donner C Migits III GPS/INS (3D attitude)

Additional sensors
The system is highly flexible and suitable for the installation of additional sensors with various features. Examples of additional sensors that equip aircraft:

- CO2/H2O fast open path analyzer (Licor 7500)
- Dew point sensors (various models)
- IR surface temperature sensors (various models)
- Global, PAR and net radiation sensors (various models)

The MFP system can be installed toghether with DFR system in an integrated configuration, developed in collaboration with Iniziative Industrali Italiane, the manufacturer of SkyArrow aircraft.

For further information:
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