DFR system

This is a remote-sensing integrated system that acquires data in visible, near-IR and thermal bands. It is composed of multispectral and thermal cameras, GPS and GPS/INS, laser altimeter:

- DuncanTech MS4100, 3 CCD NIR multispectral camera
- Flir SC500/A40M thermal infrared camera
- Canon EOS 20D digital camera
- Hasselblad H3dII-31 digital camera
- Xenics Xeva-2.5-320 SWIR camera
- GPS unit: Ashtech DG14, Novatel OEM4
- INS/GPS unit: Systron Donner C MIGITS III
- Laser altimeter: Riegl LD90 series

These apparatus are combined in a single system of acquisition, flexible and configurable by the user. A system management software has been developed, which allows the acquisition by each sensor and the storage of position and attitude of the aircraft associated with the captured images, besides all the other accessory parameters. Synchronization between GPS and cameras is handled by TTL trigger signals.

DFR systems developed by TERRASYSTEM are installed on SkyArrow aicrafts of national and international Research Institutes such as the University of Tuscia (Italy) and Istituto Agua e Aria (Argentina).

The DFR system can be installed toghether with MFP in an integrated configuration for atmospheric measurements and remote sensing, it was developed in collaboration with Iniziative Industrali Italiane, manufacturer of the SkyArrow aircraft.